"There are many good coaches  out there, but there are a heck of a lot more bad ones!!!"


To mislead you and fill our egos,  we could easily write a long bio for each coach detailing his/ her lengthy accomplishments and awards from every level they've played in.   We could post a photo of each major league and Professional softball player that frequents our place on almost a daily basis.   

We could easily put up fake quotes about " Johnny was 4 for 4 today with 9 home runs",  "Susie is he best hitter in all the world thanks to Stance"   etc etc.    

We will save you from the bull.     

Stance Coaches are all trained and influenced by some of the best hitting minds in the business.     We are constantly re-educating and networking to make sure that the info we pass along to our hitters is not only cutting edge, but proven at all levels of the game.     We don't experiment with new devices or techniques seen on youtube.   Each device or technique we use is to specifically help players feel the correct movements/ patterns needed to replicate a quick, hard and consistent swing that not only plays in BP, but gets results in games.  

The  technology we use like Hittrax, Blast Motion, Video Analysis and others doesn't just show  you fancy numbers, It will show your both your strengths and weaknesses.  Anyone can buy technology, but not everyone knows how to use it.  

 We use it to verify good and bad and to re-verify after we set a plan of attack, 

Finally, for those coaches  & parents that are ill informed about what we do because of some of our "marketing videos" we post online,   We have a friendly open door policy to all travel, high school, college and professional coaches that would like to see how we use this technology to help YOUR players improve.    Leave your ego at the door, come in and we can talk hitting as long as it takes to make sure we both have your players best interest at the top of our priority list.  

Stance Swings